Casey Veggies - Anything Goes [paroles]

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Casey Veggies - Anything Goes

Paroles: Anything Goes

[Verse 1]
Yeah, started workin' when I was 13
Put my shit out on my own, now I'm startin to run things
Wakin' up to see what the sun brings
A blessin' how I took nothing and I still made it to something
She lookin' like Amerie, maybe it's one thing
When I see that ass and that tongue ring, I'ma come clean
Really got my eyes on that green, guaranteed that I'ma ride for my team
Fuck do you mean, young boys ain't fuckin' with me
Open the door for you to do yo thing
I'm a real young king, keep swingin but them hits dont sting
I got rich and my hood too mean
I took my dreams, made it real and now I created a scene
Made a movie in the V.I.P, it's Young C.V
Quarter back for the PNC, I'm in the hood like the EBT
Nigga the hood know me

[Verse 2]
I'm, I'm, I'm getting to the money, Ray Charles, nigga with my eyes close (with my eyes closed)
These boys living out here bad, I would hate to be broke (hate be broke)
We came from Rags to the Riches, my grandma she always watch over me
They wasn't noticing, been in the game since a youngin
But now I came back with my older shit, makin the colder shit
I know it's a hit, I wrote it with focus
My older shit they quote it, givin away for the free
And they hit me like, why you ain't sold this shit
Nothing like ownership
I get to the show, and they selling out all of my clothes
I could buy my mom a new house, and a black mink coat

When it comes to the dough, you know anything goes
I got it all, and I still want more, so anything goes
She lookin out my hotel door, like anything goes
I'm out here tryna live and grow, so anything goes
Tell me is you ready, anything goes
Even if they don't let me, anything goes
I can't let you forget me, anything goes
So tell me, is you ready, anything goes

[Verse 3]
My time is now my momma proud, and I'm the youngest child I'm wit it
My daddy smile cuz I rock the crowd, and I travel miles and go get it
I see them niggas talking and know they don't really live it
Difference when you do it real, you don't fib it
Only getting started and I'm racing to a million
Once I get that milli, man I need another million, and another million
Lil, lil, lil mama looking for me, I been in the studio
A lot of my niggas sippin lean, and they smoking that dro
My lil cousin fuckin with them pills, man he just don't know
Baby girl playin with her nose, and she hope it don't show
You lost lookin for it and still searchin for a way to go
Got money put away and it's safe unless, shit get slow
I'm young and I'm pilot, she know I'm the shit, but I'm doublin mileage
She's a fuckin Goddess, I put you up in my palace, damn we came up from a cottage