Casey Veggies - Swag Worth A Mill pt.2 [paroles]

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Casey Veggies - Swag Worth A Mill pt.2

Paroles: Swag Worth A Mill pt.2

Yeah, young diligence, work millions
Fit belly jeans I just zip the ?? in them jeans,
See us in the P lack ‘cause he’s feelin free
I’m a silly G we laugh or we really be
Waiting on someone to act up, so they can really see
The other side with all my niggas is down or ride,
I saw difference sins though these cardi A beans,
Hard to play king well you don’t even make cream
You gaft off for nothing, I passed up the substance,
I trust up my Jordans, cop the new pair in the morning
I spend four munths tourin, swear the sick get borin’
They ain’t start feeling alone, homies come one and go home,
I’m in the lead of my own, turning up once I get home,
Cop this I got my own, she spent the night everything cool
I love music so is really never nothing to do,
My heart cold wonder why would trusting with you,
this life style ain’t made for everyone,
See twenty four is some ass and got pain by everyone
Trickin’ ass niggas be copin in flights
Ain’t trickin’ if you got it, less paid to get it poppin
No stage I’m in the .. making you girl is top as ..
I pray it all prospering have no other option I’m
I’m young LA, the real young LA,
Walking home for school gangstas, making on the other way,
we ain’t here forever, let’s just stick together,
if we stop it all now, happen and all it get better,
I’m young but I’m ready, I tell myself deadly
See growing the heaven speed more .. than ever be
Just let my lawyer office be rolling though better leave
to my account I’m just can you please cast us check me
I’m fvcking awesome, work the chasin deal,
Old nigga don’t like me, talent tell em chill
I ain’t raised my skill and I made it the will
I do this shit in my sneak, just put the tale and repeat
This is life on the beat, feels good like Nike’s in the feet,
In the wood hangin from trees,
Laughing at niggas bangin on me

My dreams all deep, my chain law key
I’m high up life, I’m talking LA ..
She do that thing got life, that make me sleep
We had our ups and downs, movie stand on our feet

Pop .. make a nice, just to make it right .. for you girl
Yeah, that’s why the .. fvck you all night, just to make you right,
Alright, grass when they got me tryin’ to book a flight just to make it right for you girl
Yeah, I swear I’ll take your shop and all the time just to make it right
I’ll change your life, girl you know that