Caskey - DPWM [Lyrics/Paroles]

Caskey - DPWM

DPWM Lyrics / Paroles

Don't play with me
I be getting to it every day
I be in the streets every day
I been getting money every way
I just fucked that bitch every way
Don't play with me
Just keep it G
Give all your haters the business
And then at the same time put on for your team
We come to lay down the law
Make them lay down for the cream
In love with myself thinking
They can't fuck with my money or my self esteem

[Verse 1]
Don't play with me
I been getting money every way
I'm plotting on rappers, i'm thinking about this shit everyday
That ain't your bitch if she flirting @ me, now she fair play
We searching for Heaven but these days i can't find a stairway
Took care my team like we here now
Plus we got the hammer and been on our drive
Every day i wake up and think about that number one spot
Cause we all about defying the odds
I fucked a bitch at the tele
And bust on her belly
She love me she think i'm a god
I'm doing acid when i get to L.A
I look to my watch like that shit a facade
Tell that boy, don't play with me
The capital only thing okay to see
We put in over time that shit like four play to me
And slept for like four days this week
It seems like the more i'm advancing the more they retreat
I'm back in the court with the heat
Heard that some rappers were talking my name
Just know when it comes to the beef
It's better to


[Verse 2]
Come from the dirty my shit way too clean
My partner's winning, ain't no Charlie Sheen
I say, "Let's watch Netflix."
She know what i mean
I gave her good dick
She turned to a fiend
No bitch, you ain't staying over
I'm back, never sober
Let's both pop a bean
On Molly she fuck me like Lexi Duval
But on cough syrup both of us lean
It's all in my genes
I'm getting rich cause where i come from
People say being broke is not an option
Play if you want about my money but just know to proceed with caution
We flaunt so much around the city that this is starting to get obnoxious
The mayor just called me and said, "Cas, can you turn down a couple of notches?"
Pop one and fuck it i'm conscious
I got too high and cussed out my sponsors
Only time i feel at home is in concerts
So i'm on tour and perform like a monster
Speaking of Monster, they use to be cutting the check
I fucked up the deal and they stopped
Needless to say, i'm done endorsing shit i don't drink
And i ain't selling out to be Pop
So tell them boys


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