Cassidy - High off life (feat. junior reid & notch)

High off life Lyrics / Paroles

Everyday everyday everyday
Off the life
I get high
So high
That I can kiss the sky
Heads in the clouds
But I don't know why
But you can tell by the look in my eyes

You don't wanna party
When you're around me
I'm a drug dealer
And a killer like...
I can't go upstate
I do time in a county
But the federal police surrounds me


I'm driving my JT Bentley
Put your baby mama... Monica Lewensky
She've seen a president she'd jump in their...
... you can see she's on my dick evidently
She said oh no I'm not a hore but you can... me
I'm like... baby father... like a century
He'd be drawing me like Leonardo DaVinci
I always drink until my glass's empty
Smoke too much weed that I got a bad memory
It's a lot of jealousy and envy
But it's all good
I got the neighborhood and my friends


You don't wanna test me
You can get snipe like...
Shuts pop like Pepsi
You better respect me
I'll kick your ass like...
Put you on ice like...
Turn you into a ghost like...
None of you folks gonna impress me
... but it's sexy
Email attacks me
Call on my phone
They try to catch me
They blow me like dizzy

They're addicted to my dick
So all the chicks stress me like
I'm vitamin acid

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