Cassidy - Move That Dope Freestyle [paroles]

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Cassidy - Move That Dope Freestyle

Paroles: Move That Dope Freestyle

Mayhem Music
No beat safe
I already told y’ll
I move that dope for real

Little nigga move that dope
Little nigga move that dope
Move that dope, yeah, move that dope
My little nigga move that dope

[Verse 1]
My little niggas coping up, yup
They Pyrex potted up when the white is off
All you locking up when they ice it off
And they chop it up and hit Pipers off
I call this broad to come wipe me off
I'm a Mac, her ass is Microsoft
If I like the broad I'mma make it rain
But she could leave her window wipers off
I still grind cause I like to floss
But I still shine when my ice is off
The boy ball, but don’t do sports
I got shit lit like Newports
My money long, not Too Short
I don’t know what the hell you thought
I just bought a crib in Jersey
But my next door neighbor live in New York
“How many houses have you bought?
How many vehicles you cop?”
Way more than what you got
My word is bond, I don’t do stocks
My new watch full of huge rocks
When I grabbed it had to get flu shots
Who the best Emcee? Me, Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas, or 2Pac? I’m too hot
If I’m not the best then I’m on his heels like two socks
A dude saying I’m not nice is like wearing sandals with tube socks
Stupid, who sick as your man?
This pinky ring worth like a brick on my hand
This little bitch on my dick going H.A.M
While you sitting at home with your dick in your hand
You listening, man? Why hate on a G?
You hating on me, but your bitch is a fan
So is your mom, your sister is too
Your aunties and nieces, them bitches is too (true)
I’m spitting again, I’m ‘bout to get back in position again
“Yo, there you go with that future flow”
No, my flow is more futuristic than him
No disrespect
But I’ve been off the hook, I’m about to disconnect
I got dirty money, I don’t disinfect
Cause out in Mexico I got a sick connect
I-I-I blow cheddar, nudie jeans and polo sweater, I’m a go-getter
In the summer time where I trap at it got snow weather
I get fast cash, but slow cheddar is mo’ better than no cheddar
When these rap niggas say these trap niggas getting dope cheddar
I know better
Dummy, your money funny like Pharrell hat, fall the hell back
You the hell fake you don’t sell crack
I been held weight, where the scale at?
The Clippers on that Donald Sterling shit, get the hell smack
How that man don’t like niggas when most of the Clippers the hell black?
Well if that’s the case our racism ain’t over yet
His girlfriend taking pictures with Magic Johnson is what got him so upset?
The people need to boycott cause that shit was lame
That’s hatred, if you not racist, you should never go to a Clipper’s game
I take it personal, the Commissioner got some work to do
Hopefully that man volunteered to resign and get the fuck out of there
I’m back, folk, blowing up nothing but black smoke
Cognac and loud pack smoke, I spit crack and move that dope