Chamillionaire - Countdown freemix [paroles]

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Chamillionaire - Countdown freemix

Paroles: Countdown freemix

Heeeeeey, heeeeey countdown [x4]

5, 4, 3, 2 uhhh

I tell you that I knew then that mean I knew it
I sought a private jet and then they said I flew it
I say it's nothin to it then that mean it's time to do it
You see them do it it's cause I'm they main influence
I get the newest whip and then I paint it blueish
The chicks ain't in your whip because it ain't the newest
She in the backyard tryin to see where the pool is
A lap around the crib and you became a tourist
Hey he, really make g's that's the hd
I be here forever the deposit slips are lenghty
Say she, wanna taste me like a pastry
Gotta deal with it like an automatic bank fee
Can't see, whites fakes be sayin lace me
Offer something but I wouldn't let em get a drink free
Frankly, if you ain't me then you should thank me
For having the heat on me and not taking it offa safety
Dopest, pretty focused car verocious
Put your glass up because I think I gotta toast this
Notice if she bad then I'm a poke this
Then I'm a disappeaar like you put pocus after hocus
Yo sis, looking gangsta but I don't chase her
Even if she drunk from sippin gin without a chaser
Take her, and replace her or probably make her
Clean the crib up she gotta sweep it like the lakers