Chamillionaire - Poker face freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Chamillionaire - Poker face freestyle

Poker face freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

I told Cupid Shutup and have a Seat
I'm ghetto with the D like Master P
Romance ain't never gave cash to me
And love ain't got love when I ask for free
One night stand what it has to be
Your body on lock let me grab the key
I don't know her name but I call her E
Cause it seem like she always after D
And me, I'm always after G's
That's constantly, no stoppin me!
On top of her, or on top of me
You can feel it in your stomach like colostomy
(Woo) pimpology, her underwear is sent out to sea
Wet! I bet that's a probably
Because you're starin at a star like Socrates!
I'm on the chase...
Don't work here I own the place.
Tellin me she got on a poker face
And I'm tellin her I'm tryina poke her face!
Get on my page!
10 minutes long is it supposed to take?
Tellin me that I did mo' than great
She woke up starin at me like a poster face!

I got on my Poker face,
While rubbin you all on your waist.
I'm in town, just for one day
So let's do this the playa way!

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