Chan Dizzy - To Mi Face [Lyrics/Paroles]

Chan Dizzy - To Mi Face

To Mi Face Lyrics / Paroles

(Verse 1)
Them smile up in a yo face
Then slaughter yo whenever yo not around
Them waan dis a dutty place
Them waan si yo fall pop yo calla bone
After yo drop a ground

Yeh a no so mi do mi thing
From yo a pree mi fi supn then try seh that to mi king
Bag a hide and talk naw work
Be careful how yo living

Well since yo love chat
Seh weh yuh a seh to mi face
Yuh fi seh weh yuh a seh to mi face
Cause mi hear yuh a walk a run yo mouth everyday
And a style man in a every way

But wi know seh a chat, seh weh yuh a seh to mi face
Yuh fi seh weh yuh a seh to mi face
Yuh no rate mi, but when yuh si mi heavily place
Yuh fi seh weh yuh a seh to mi face

(Verse 2)
Alright then stop chat do things
Step if yuh a step
Member mi go the very hardest
And a no button paw phone whenever mi blackberry start press
And everybody a go seh mi heartless
Watch yah now, yo full a chat
That alone yuh no carry knockings and nothing naw spray like it a calone
Head chip and cross like a shotta own
Member seh talk a no gramma zone

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Alright then, them good fi talk a bag a story
Seet seh some man a foney
Hey Russian mi speak truth at all cost
But some bwoy a fraud heart
But me a no so mi mother grow mi
Yeh, nough a them need fi learn the code
From mi a pree yo, mi tell yo pon a early note
Nough a claim them tough, them don’t even bad like some girl mi know

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

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