Chance The Rapper - Home Studio (Back Up In This Bitch)

Home Studio Lyrics / Paroles


Uh uh uh uh uh


Nana naaaaa



[Verse 1]

Young black boy

How he got the labels scared?

A&R's like "Chano, you ain't playin fair!"

You gon' set a bad example for the average bear

You a yogi, you should idle while in child's position

I be like, naw, these my sons this prenatal care

I'mma show em how to make it here and make it fair

Take it there they could kill me and I ain't gon' care

You is just an ankle weight, lighter than some angel cake

Sweeter than some maple syrup, easier than ableton

Make a plate and make it player

Make em play it

Just don't count your sheep before they hatch

You chickens 'fore your eggs or eat your dinner 'fore you say your prayer


Back up in this bitch

I'm back up in this thaaang

I'm back up in this bitch

I'm back up in this bitch

Back up in this bitch

Get it crackin' in this bitch

I'm back up in this bitch
[Verse 2]

Young tactician

Just got my taxes finished

Beat the tortoise by a hair

In an '04 Ford Taurus

On a spare with a wax finish

Theres a lot of metaphors, you just lack vision

You just bad business


All your shit been lower case

Lower class, lower key

I'm the only minor minority in priority

Sippin' gin and tonic while I plot upon authority

Author of my horoscope, feeling like the oracle

Ain't no rules, nigga

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