Chance The Rapper - NaNa [paroles]

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Chance The Rapper - NaNa

Paroles: NaNa

Introducing, chance the ruthless,
Trip rooms and lucy, dreams is lucid
Loosly based on music, swallow my mucus
Or get pussy get herpes, and your ass get lupus
Deuce is dush shit, deuce will shoot you
Choose mike bootchan and the suit might suit you
Baby on bullshit, but they ain’t really don’t do shit
They used to illusion, cause tough is confucius

Nasty as shit, cigarette ash until my voice get raspy
Last week suspended
Last night kiss vashly, parle with ashley
Always in the hallway so I never been classy

Acid, acid, get it, acid
Melts through plastic, I spit fired
Plat my pallette, talking paper
If this was work

I get higher, pardon my mishaps
Bourbon get murdered
Friday get bitch slapped like bourbon mixed with jack
Look at these split, look at he slipped
On a shelf, from peeling banana peels…
Don’t break me on shit back, …zan with that lean bitch
Zan with that lean bitch
Zan with that chakra, I eat it like … hit me back with that mean shit
Na na na na na na na na na na na, shut up!