Chance The Rapper & RiFF RAFF - Not Sober Freestyle

Not Sober Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Riff Raff]
They say keep going
He said he came from Hawaii
Then everybody done tried me, I can't go by me
(I've never heard anybody rhyme with Hawaii before)
I bypass, look I buy paths
(I bypass on a fat ass) (no, no, no look)
I bypass, I've been wrecking mics
I bypass, I've been, I've been wrecking mics since Dreamcast

[Verse 2: Chance The Rapper]
Dreamcast, I dream fast
That's a disco now, I got a disco gap
This is a real small one
I'm a tall one
I don't follow 'em, but I might fall 'em
In the fall but
You don't wanna fall boy
You don't wanna tall boy
You sippin' on them little cans

[Verse 3: Riff Raff]
Legendary hemwork, check my hot tub pants
The way I stance, I got Jody Husky sing you into a trance
Two of us cost 750 plus a ticket
One point seven, I shoulda got a Prevost
We ball the most
Who gone ball from coast to coast
Who gone sip the playa potion
Who would ride tour bus three motion
I three wheeled a tour bus
I came through just the ten of us, Bentley Bus
Who done did that?
I used to drive a Honda, now I got a Benz back

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