Charlie Wilson - Goodnight Kisses [Lyrics/Paroles]

Charlie Wilson - Goodnight Kisses

Goodnight Kisses Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
I’d love to take you out every Friday night
I love the way you dress, girl, you always look right
I love the way you smile, when I tell bad jokes
I love the way you brush, girl, you’re so beautiful

When I’m with you, baby, I lose track of time
When I’m with you I never wanna say goodbye
I love you in my arms, I love to hold you close
But there’s one thing, baby, that I love the most

I love your goodnight kisses (That’s what I love)
I love your goodnight kisses (That’s what I love)
I love your cherry red lips, all over mine
I get chills every single time
I love your goodnight kisses (Kiss me right now, baby)

[Verse 2]
I love driving you around with nowhere to go
Put the windows down, girl, watching your hair blow
Love the dimple on your cheek that you just can’t hide
I love laughing with you till we ’bout to cry

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

Baby, baby, I love the flavor of your lips
Suga’, suga’ you’re so sweet I can’t resist
Honey bunny, you don’t know just what you do
Shimmy, Shimmy Co-Co, pop, your kisses make me uuh


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