Charly Black - All The Trees [paroles]

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Charly Black - All The Trees

Paroles: All The Trees

(Verse 1)

Mi naw go follow dem put no cocaine in a mi mouth

Jamaica mi come from a herbs mi a promote

Herbs got my head spinning

So show mi yo lighter if a good herbs you a support

No man no tell mi nothing mi a talk how mi feel

Yo si mi wid mi wrisla no ask what the deal

Mi no like how Kaid cause every dass mi park

Dem thief the air out a mi car wheel

Mi pocket no have no money

But am doing fine

Mi brain deh a space, herbs dem paw mi mind

Coke head cyaa spar wid me

Cause I smoke only trees

Love when it dry and smell convincing

My shorty in firm tell me she's dancing
Give me all the trees

Cause I smoke only trees

Big up every farmer from west to Sent Ann

Trelawny, St. Best Hanover Clarindon

Coke head no spar wid we

Coke head no spar wid we
(Verse 2)

Try no si mi wid mi herbs and talk bout pass it on

After mi no know which path yo mouth a come from

But wait deh youth no you mi si go over the bush go urinate

And yo come back and never wash yo hand

Move from side mi get yo own herbs please

No ask mi fi no lighter or no wrisler sheet

Yo know bay hustler deh right yah so

Know yo approach when yo si daemons stoppable a street
(Repeat Chorus)