Chase N. Cashe - Araab Crazy

Araab Crazy Lyrics / Paroles

With a bad bitch
She said she’d die for my penetration
Stick an enemy gun
Real niggaz say that I’m the one
Niggaz say I’ve been bugged
You niggaz are playing with the flow
Playing with the flow
I’m out here playing with the flow
Playing on the flow
I’m just playing in my flow
You’re playing with the flow
Me,I’m playing with the flow
Playing with the flow
Hit the stage and wave with the flow
Wave with the flow
I’m stayin’ with my flow
She knows my name from the door
She knows I’m selling dope
Get the dope and money,nigga,I’m all that
She’s higher than your reach
You just fall flat
My beauty got money
Lookin’ like she don’t want to
I can’t keep it quiet
About everything
About everything
Yeah,crown every king
All work,all pay
You got to notice me
Hold the steam, hold the steam
Nigga got to know it’s me


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