Chase N. Cashe - PIMP W$RK [paroles]

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Chase N. Cashe - PIMP W$RK

Paroles: PIMP W$RK

Pimping ain’t easy but somebody gotta do it
leave it for chase to get tour it,
this that back hand music, frank the butcher, the kutcher,
put me in the game on this one
business says usual the lame with this one
all work, more pain on your sister
listen to the sound I give you
I’m too smooth with the coop with it,

make it act fool with it,
when I get it in the sack I’ma deep
in the sack she was screaming
man the cup got me lean
and the blunt got me steamin
New Orleans the B Town, that’s how we beat now
pimped the
yeah that’s my enter..
sound the horse for a dime,
let me put my chain on
BA u, all work we do.