Chase N. Cashe - Then & Now [Lyrics/Paroles]

Chase N. Cashe - Then & Now

Then & Now Lyrics / Paroles


[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Puffy gold Gucci links (Gucci links)
Hang t-shirts in my [?]
Rolling like a skating rink
[?] got all these hoes to the paint
She don't know about cars too much
But she knows ours is cleaner than y'alls stuff
Bad bitches never call y'all up
You do too much shopping in the malls bruh
Too appalled, to ever applaud y'all
I'm in that Rolls-Royce [?]
Plottin on the heist and trying not to be involved with y'all
Get your life
Get your wife, she on my shit and I rep [?]
My shit tight, my shit right

[Hook: Raheem DeVaughn]
In the night
Ridin' clean
On my Jet Life rolling through New Orleans
Ladies stop
Smile and stare
At the light while we put one in the air
Jet life

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Dime a dozen
Seen 'em coming
Walking down my driveway in the morning
I ain’t really want ‘em
Just be fucking on ‘em
Passing time
Because the bank don’t open until 9
Smoke and ride
Smoke and grind
Focus like a sober mind, at the same time on dollar signs
Said I claimed, robbed and planned
When I lay your bitch bring me in the think i’m the man
She took her wedding ring off
And you just making plans/planes
Time wasted, when you could have been paper chasing
The money not waiting
How many times can I say it ?
Before niggas convey it and they really tryina make it
While I’m in it, I’ll try to save it
The storm crew said her (?)
With hella love for the game that he playing
The hustle don’t love you and that’s a fact
Tryina get you and get out but it ain't come with a map

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