Chevy Woods - 30 Deep [paroles]

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Chevy Woods - 30 Deep

Paroles: 30 Deep

You ever just...
Look around..
And see your niggas?
See all my niggas

HOOK x2:
Looking to the left and to the right, see all my niggas
Same niggas that I started with, all my niggas
And we all up... all my niggas
All us... all my niggas

Verse 1:
I ain't going back and forth with a pussy nigga if you talk crazy, no discussion
I'mma pop another bottle take another nigga bitch to the crib like it's nothin'
All them boys got cars, all them boys got cash, all them boys stay stuntin'
All them boys stay hatin', they don't want it, they don't want it, they don't want it, no
What you know about, buying champagne just to pour it out
Nigga, pull up in the club you dont know about
What you know about, young nigga gettin' mula
Smoking Mary Jane, live the thug life like 2Pac
Ooh, what you call that?
Private plane taking off with all my niggas
Shit, carried on shit
I'm just trynna stay real, I'm just trynna stay real
So many other niggas doing that fake shit but they ain't nothin' fake over here, noo


Verse 2:
Rich nigga, yeah i got it out the mall my nigga
30 deep, hoppin out, all my niggas
If a nigga want drama, i ain't never gotta call my niggas
Pussy ass nigga, you a pussy ass nigga trying to tell the cops on all my niggas, no
What ya call it? checks with a whole lot of zeros
Biatch, broke and no money for your weave though
What you call that? lying to the people like you with the shits
Get your own shit, sucka ass nigga get your own shit
I'm just doing me, out on the road im with all my niggas
She a groupie trynna get backstage to do all my niggas
Thats your girlfriend, she's yours now mine
And were standing outside no you gotta yours, motherfucker I'mma get mine