Chevy Woods - 5 AM [Lyrics/Paroles]

Chevy Woods - 5 AM

5 AM Lyrics / Paroles


5 in the morning

Its 5 in the morning (x3)

Hit the game to the crib so we know what that's about

And if ya ain't fucking girl ya better get the fuck out

Its 5 in the morning (x2)

[Verse 1]

5 in the morning (x2)

On the munchies, crying with the money

Getting juice[?]

Amigo bout to see what bout it

When you come to the condo, girl don't you doubt it

Keep your shoes off, have a couple drinks

Know how I play, don't care what you think

I've been on my grind all motherfucking year

A nigga like me, I deserve this year

All them things that I told them in the club

Girl you better do it when we get tu the crib

Legs up in the air like Jordan

And your girl with the head

Damn like damn, give it to me baby girl wam

Throw it back on a nigga like me

Taylor Gang in this bitch I know them pussy niggas see


[Verse 2]

Ain't shit changed, you know I rep the game lil nigga

Everything the same lil nigga

Instead of worrying about mine, need to get you some change lil nigga

I been out turning up like a mothafucking fool

You know how a playa do

I don't play by the rules

I could show ya something, teach ya something lemme school you to this motherfucking game here

Ain't no motherfucking game here

Ain't no motherfucking snitching

Nah we don't sell names here

No, they waiting for it, yeah I know they ready

Girl that thang got a mothafucking kick back

When ya shooting gotta hold it steady


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