Chevy Woods - Sticc 2 The Plan [paroles]

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Chevy Woods - Sticc 2 The Plan

Paroles: Sticc 2 The Plan

[Hook x2]

No hesitation, I know that you want me

But stick to the plan, she calling me daddy

Three clock in the morning on a phone with a nigga like me

Tell your dad he don't wanna fuck around with a nigga like me

[Verse 1]

My [?] I used to do caddy's

And now is she riding, she call me big daddy

My duffle in the phantom, I need it right now

I can't understand you, what is you saying right now

I'm taking these trips out the beach or somewhere that you niggas can't go

I let her remind [?] up on that pole

She told me your brother he got it so now he can die for the low

He told me Que Pasa then hung up cuz he don't talk on the phone

I understand my nigga cuz that's the same shit that I come from

And I could make a bird call for you if you really want one

1 hunnid gram in the floor

1 hunnid gram in the sink

40 on my waist

Where I'm from, ain't safe

No, no

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]

She pull on my chain

She know I'm the man

She told me she don't fuck with Taylor Gang

But now I know she a fan

I whistle my baby that [?]

My niggas been trapping and dying I shot out the snow of them niggas

She pouring the liquor

My whip on the course

PW 8, I'm pouring the syrup

Bitch give me my weed

I'm watching them flander

And if theres a problem, my niggas go Rambo

I'm way overseas, I'm throwing up channels

He died by his bed, and he earned a metal

And fuck what your dad says, I know he don't like me

See that's the problem, he wanna be like me

[Hook x2]