Chevy Woods - Two Hundred (ft. Juicy J & Tuki Carter) [paroles]

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Chevy Woods - Two Hundred (ft. Juicy J & Tuki Carter)

Paroles: Two Hundred

yeah, we up in this bitch
and we rock it

uh, we fall off in the club and we two oney deep
50.000 flip that 4 time that’s two hundred gs
we can try mother f*cking paper man count it up
back to back all black like two hundred gs
let’s get rach in this bitch like two hundred freaks

if i gang up in that bitch you know we turning up
let’s get rach it in this bitch so that they know what’s up
it’s rose bout a case i just pass the time
oh yeah you don’t like that shit so now you want you drop it down it juicy it’s about that time
well you about that cash first and that’s the bottom line
two hundred strong, two hundred beat
two hundred bands, it’s time to eat

i can hear on my junk flow
they can’t see me i’m not so
i’m thinking of like patrins

get it off the night that’s all i thought
nigga try me the read dot
then the snow sound and the hair shots
and you think it’s funny that’s read fox
..the night but you keep me cool
..they know what you do
you don’t know me, i don’t know you
you can’t crack a bottle can’t hit the dude
but i act right when you see these wolves
‘cause they see you when they smell food
no ac no stealing fan, no ..i’m so cool


i ain’t going back to band broke bitch i gotta make
i’ma stay smoking stunt sipping till i’m in my gray
you can tell anything homie you say you gonna spin it
i’m in love with a stripper she in love with my richie
i turn up that in the stunt, hoe be in a bumpet
go money in the club f*cking bad hoes from ..
hey niggas doing bad while i hit the back with back
stripping may don’t hit ..super saying in the ..
that’s i’m never had
i see why you niggas mad
keep on talking on that trash why you round down in..
get up off your ass shit if you free
nigga want ferrari now i can’t buy three


my swag is on three thousand
what the f*ck am i doing
i’m pay for caking like what you do before baby making i’m fresh
i make to happen i have to make it so i created
i rap until i smoke this weed until i’m so dated
i’m catching all of these flights, bitch i’m in your city
catching all of these hoes
damn i’m bad to bitches it’s pretty
i’m spinnin on dime hoe, pimpin all in my mind nigga
in the hoe surrounding of the gold .. that book
i move around like bout to sound and bitch i’m ..she hook
i turn the .. i turn the .. that’s the shit i turn around
came the .. in the house, spell the ..the bottles out
the bitch is gone and she’s with us
sheavy over that bangin, juicy over that trippy
five shot that gin, rooms over here spinnin
i’m back out in my mind, ..boss i’m on women
we came thought for straight grind nigga