Paroles: Me (Remix)

We back widdit, ha ha
4800, that's still me
Ha ha
Let’s get it
Let's get it
Oh man, ha ha

You know a nigga still ballin'
Servin’ in the mornin', who's the one they calling (Me)
Step back, James Harden
You fucking with a Taylor, beg ya pardon
Boy you know, it's (Me)
Just a snotty nose in a warzone
Now I got these hunnits, I'm the one that they call on (Me)
All these lies in the booth, who's the one still giving you the truth
Boy, you know it's (Me)
I tried to show you did it all wrong
Still got junkies in my call log, they just want (Me)
To come back to the game
Did it for money, I didn't do it for fame
Boy, you know it’s just (Me)
By my goddamn self, all alone I don’t need no help
One army, it's just (Me)
I gotta get it and go, I can never break bread with a hoe
I gotta spend it on (Me)
More watches, more chains, more rangs
Getting head from yo main in a range, it’s (Me)
On the set, never change
You a lame, had to give up the game
Now they hatin' on (Me)
10 years, no album but when I drop
You know the fucking outcome, more money for (Me)
I had bricks in my Jansport, Mike Jordan who they can't guard
You know it's (Me)

You ain’t smokin' like, you ain't ballin' like, you ain't livin' like (Me)
You don't fuck her like, you ain't counting like
You ain't stackin' like (Me)
You don't live the life, who got a couple wives?
Who got another flight? (Me)
Man, my weed is the best
When they want KK in they chest, they call (Me)
From my early days, if you ever want me on a stage
Then you gotta pay (Me)
We ain't on the same page if it ain't about paper
And if them niggas lame, they can't hang around (Me)
We don't play around
No, we'll spray a round
If it ain't a pound, it ain't about (Me)
Or my dawgs, who the boss? Who got all the sauce?
Early days, smokin's Js, who ran all the blogs? (Me) Motherfucker
Who the one kickin' game erryday? Not a sucker (Me)
Let the Porsche get washed in the rain, pack the thang
Come back in another, that's (Me)
Chev, that's my big brother
If a nigga got a problem with him, he got a problem with (Me)
Whip with no mileage, smoke weed like college and
Always keep it solid, that's (Me)

That's me, Ha ha
Yeah, Taylor Gang shit, man
Ha ha
Know that we fuck around with it
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