Chief Keef - April Fools [Lyrics/Paroles]

Chief Keef - April Fools

April Fools Lyrics / Paroles

I play all my hoes like saxophones
Watch me play my role… April Fools’
They ain’t ’bout It, they jokin’ … April Fools’
Yeah, we like to blow… April Fools’ (you know it)
We eatin’ like the Gottis… April Fools’
And I like stacks in different wads… April Fools’
And I can lean off fives… April Fools’
Why’d you change the topic? … April Fools’
He say he cashed out… April Fools’

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
He say he cashed out… April Fools’
He just bought some shell-toes and some fake-ass Trews
He say the life he ’bout… April Fools’
His ass be in the house, I ain’t no fool
Fuckin’ with them O-Boyz, you gon’ make the news
He say he squeezin’ .30s… April Fools’
He say he ain’t lackin’… April Fools’
Then how he get caught lackin’? I ain’t no fool


[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
Boy, you ain’t gettin’ money, shoulda ate your food
Say you gon’ make a move, nigga? … April Fools’
Boy, you hang around a bunch of… April Fools’
Niggas say they gon do what they ain’t gon’ do
Ten grand a lot of money, nigga… April Fools’
I hit the Louis store, spend that on KayKay’s shoes
A hundred grand a lot of money, nigga… April Fools’
I spent it on a foreign, just to make a move


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