Chief Keef - Either Way [paroles]

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Chief Keef - Either Way

Paroles: Either Way

Either way bitch i'm that nigga
Either way i'm countin' figures
Either way i'm with my fuckin' niggas
And either way we'll fuckin' get ya
Either way i'm gon' get cake
Either way i'm gon' get laid
Either way imma fuck yo bae
Either way she'll know my face
Get this money either way

[Verse 1]
Gotta get this money either way
Got them bitches comin' either way
And this money comin' either way
And I'm money hungry either way
Dreads low, you can't see my face
Eyes low, I can't see the place
I'm smokin' dope, I can't feel my face
That was gone happen either way
I'm gon' let that semi spray
A fuck nigga in my way and that's either way
I'm ridin' Bentley's MIA
My chopper Kimmy K, I nicknamed her Kimmy Karday
Just bought some semis today
My ning ding went MIA


[Verse 2]
I remember sellin' coke girl I get booked for shows
‘Member some lil thots but my phone full of those
And a lot of guns bitch my home full of those
Either way, you get 8 shots out this Ruger nose
She wanna come to my house, I'm like girl no clothes
She wanna smell my guap, I'm like girl yo nose
Bitch what you talkin' bout, I'm into it with O-we
You don't give me top I'm into it with you
You feel me?
Smokin' on this loud, you smell me
You ain't smokin' loud, that's filthy
Told my lean-man "double seal me"
I take clean money and flip it