Chief Keef - Getcha [paroles]

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Chief Keef - Getcha

Paroles: Getcha


Go getcha gun, go getcha funds

Go get police, go getcha your moms

Go getcha your hundreds and your ones

I’m at your head, go get the Feds

Where is it? Go get your bread

Boy four Peace, we mean no legs

You's a lil boy, go get your parents, hey hey

You don’t get the pic, go get your lense

[Verse 1]

We a go getter, all my boys, gon' getcha

We do not pull up, my boys, no anger

Went and got a new nina, and I'm gon' finger it

Went and got some under on you, I'm gon' send with

Went and got a big house for my kids

I still ain't even get props for what I did

I still believe in God, not true, I’m scared

Went and got a gun just for my fears

I need to go get me another car

And I need to go get me another watch

Need another chain, another house, another Glock

Need to go get some more clothes and some more guap

Told that bitch "You got a car?" Then go get it

Thought Almighty So was gonna come getcha

Bitch I'm gonna get dope and some more swishers

That bitch better go on get liquor and some more bitches

That money, I'mma go get it

All around me already know that shit

Cause I’m gonna get that shit

Niggas be on that ho ass shit

I’m gonna get my gun out my pocket and blow that bitch

I’m gonna get my gun out my pocket and blow that bitch