Chief Keef - No Hook Gang (ft. Andy Milonakis) [paroles]

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Chief Keef - No Hook Gang (ft. Andy Milonakis)

Paroles: No Hook Gang

[Verse 1: Andy Milonakis]
Milonakis bitch, there are killers in my clique
Glo boy, dough boy, gorillas in the mist
Your Bentley ain't shit and your 'Rari ain't sick
I'm above money cause money don't exist
The meditating heavyweight pouring out a fifth
Now you see my dark side, I am Lord Sith
Invisible watches on my fat wrist
And if you're that bitch, you can get a fat dick
Who you think you're working? No, not me
I'm live-er than your internet ready TV
I stayed Glo'd up like a firefly, firefly
I'm higher than high, leave you lying in lie
And I'm blowing stronger O's than Oprah
Cause bitch I'm deeper than fucking Deepak Chopra, bitch

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
My pistol come through singing on the low
This ain't for them and you him you know
I pull up, I come through lay 'em on the floor
I got cake on the floor and cake up on my Tru's
I got cake in my pocket, cake up on my shoe
If you ain't talking about the cake, it ain't got shit to do with me
I come through chopper G-Un
Cause we heard you got that yayo, the bank, and you got 50 piece
You better hire fucking Young Buck
Come through with that Mack Maine bullet skateboard
Weezy-We, you better have your fucking mob deep
Cause the heat and the fees be my prodigy
Lil boy I was up trapping when y'all was sleep
Me and Benji we had went out to eat
It's blood gang I'ma come through drippin' all week
I got swag dripping out my fucking palm key
Usually I come through in a 'Rari
Now I don't give a motherfuck about it
I'm a Glo boy, grown boy, what you know B
You don't know shit, til I have my belt glowing
Pull up pull off, why you got a slow leak
You want beef you can have a proper hogie
I come through clip longer than a mess on police
I got shells that spell every letter in ho shit