Chief Keef - Silly

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Chief Keef - Silly

Chief Keef


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Paroles - lyrics: Silly

Niggas must just be forgetting
I pop toolies, I pop wheelies
Pull up on your block and get it
Blacked out windows, ridin' tinted
Shootin' semis out the hemi
Money, fine, I'll just get it
I just spend it, get it back
That's whats in my fuckin' interest
Niggas snoozin', niggas get drenched
Mac wit me, and he pimpin'
Catch you slippin', then he trippin'
Shootin' at any nigga
I don't wear no Fendi nigga, no belt hold my semi nigga
What I like? Henny, nigga, had me actin' silly nigga

Niggas on me, niggas on me
But I got 4 nickle on me
My dick like 4 pickles homie
He like, "that why she don't want it"
Smokin' sticky, I'm so tricky
Ima Palmer ass Keke
If its bout that bag Nini
You ain't talkin' money, keep it
That's not enough for a show or a feature
Damn why would the fuck I go and meet ya
But them fuckin' poles will meet ya
I keep a freezer, don't get heater
You done fucked up my damn work
Finna smack his fuckin' meat off
These niggas faggots, they some jerks
Hop up in my car and leave em'
Put that bitch to work
Nigga I ain't smokin' on Earth
Smokin' that private reserve
And its only for private reserve nigga
Pull up, leave yo ass on the curb nigga
Click clack damn, you got served nigga




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