Chief Keef - Sosa Chamberlain [Lyrics/Paroles]

Chief Keef - Sosa Chamberlain

Sosa Chamberlain Lyrics / Paroles


What is GLO GANG? Well it's GLO GANG is G-L-O-G-A-N-G

It is Glory Boyz, we are Glory Boyz Entertainment. It is GBE

But it's shortened, it's shortened, you know what I'm sayin'

So it's G-L-O Gang, and so the GLOry Boyz

You guys can say either one though, it don't matter

You know what I'm sayin'

I won't get offended, gang won't get offended

We are Glory Boyz, you know what I'm sayin'

But GLO GANG is just a, just a short abbreviation for Glory Boyz

You know what I'm sayin', just G-L-O-G-A-N-G, you know

We be on a lotta gang shit, we got everybody sayin' "gang" now

No squad, you know. We changed that, we changed to gang

It ain't none of that squad. I mean you know we got Savage Squad

You know that's my cousin, Fredo and nem. But um shit

We go by gang and none of that squad

But when cuz and nem come around you know it's squad

When Wop come around we rockin' with the squad

You know what I'm sayin'. But when we

When it's just gang, we be on that straight gang shit

You know what I'm sayin', gang and none of that squad

But anyways man back to the tape man

[Verse 1]

Bitch got that wet wet, my gun got that wet wet

She let me fuck up in the car, now my seats is wet wet

I'm off the drank wet wet, your dope smell like a wet pack

She said she wanna smoke with we, bitch you should've said that

She said that she gotta pee, I'm like bitch you should've said that

She said she been said that, I said I ain't hear that

I was smoking the loudest loud but I'm always ready

You be smokin' on that shit, that shit that give you headache

Who come here, you come here

Ooh come here, pistol to your ear

Booze what you sip, lean what I sip

Water what I drink, cat meow all I get

Pull up to the strip, thing on my hip

The police pull me over like It's weed on my lip

Johnny call me up, he said he pee'd on my wrist

Yo bitch call me mad she said she bleached all my gear

My daughter call me mad, she said she gon' eat all my chips

These niggas always mad they wanna eat all my dip

The opps always mad they say Chief Keef ain't blowin' shit

Until I come through blastin' like the Heat I ain't doin' shit


I'm Sosa Wilt Chamberlain, blunts just flamin'

Rocks just blingin', phone just rangin'

I'ma no belt rockin', no sock rockin'

Pull up show stopper, you know how I'm rockin'

I came in the game man, and you know I changed it

Sosa whats your language? Bitch I speak them acres

Favorite team the Lakers, favorite team the Bulls

Wanna put up your paper? I'm like okay cool

[Verse 2]

My favorite player Butler, and I gotta butler

Gotta number 40, my 40 a fuck ya

My favorite player Rose, aye, money on him let's go

We be on that bullshit, we from Chicago

My favorite player Kobe, you be holy moly

That mean you be with police

When it's cold outside I got on no tee

That mean that I can hold it hold it underwater

Pull up on your daughter I'm a shark up in the water

I remember buying quarters, now I'm at a P

When it come to your bitch, I gotta add a Keef

Come out the cut like Snell, I gotta add a three

Don't give a fuck how you feel

I gotta add a T


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