Chief Keef - Trust My Gun [Lyrics/Paroles]

Chief Keef - Trust My Gun

Trust My Gun Lyrics / Paroles


I don't trust noone but my gun
Kush fucking up my lungs
Niggas talking from behind
Bitches tryna set ya up
There go almighty they like what
My guns be strong bodied bitch play tuff
My niggas hard bodied bitch say what
Now yo block get taped up

[Verse 1]
Now yo block red taped up
Pistol shots take that shit
Smoking on dope with a little cigarette
Got racks in my pocket and a tec on the bed
A nigga on the front door a nigga on the back door
Come in here forgot what i said
I wonder what tec woulda said
I wonder what mac woulda said
New orleans said felt with my [?]
Disrespect then thats a cap to ya head
Come on your block set up shop get the popping at arm head and leg
Broke wrist on my wrist
Broke leg in my leg
Niggas wanna gamble with they life put him in the jail but he [?]
Smoking on this reefer
Sipping on this lean tequila
Come on yo block me and ether
Shooting yo family tree up
The Glo got clips like [?]
Walk around the whole wide world just td up
Jay said he gone buy me a kilo
I'm gone be keyed up
Kilos in my ears tryna take me needa speak up
And it took 2-3 want nothing to speak for
Momma always told me never follow be a leader
Riding in a foreign ass car with no license
Hop in the seat belt

[Verse 2]

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