Chief Keef - We Don't Fuck With You (ft. J'lynn)

We Don't Fuck With You Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: J'lynn]
No time for these fuck boys, mind on riches nigga
Keef got the thots, I brought the weed
Your bitch brought the Swishers nigga
Ounces of kush, hit my mans for a quota
Every track is a hit, I dust out your bitch
And I passed her to Sosa, what it do
We bout to hit a home run, think yo main bitch gonna slide
Matter fact a triple double niggas don't wanna get no trouble
For the beef yeah, you could get fried
Or you could live life, or you could decide
Then you could fuck with me my nigga you should just vibe
Cause your bitch just text me
I bust a nut shot, her face, it's a selfie

[Hook: J'lynn]
Where we headed? [x4]
These niggas can't get it
And they bitch gon' let us
Feels just like heaven now
They tryna fuck with a nigga now
We don't fuck with you niggas now
They tryna fuck with a nigga now
We don't fuck with you niggas now
We don't fuck with you niggas now

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
We don't fuck with you nigga, shake up with you niggas
I don't know niggas, what's up with niggas?
Niggas sneak dissin', what's up with that
What's up with ya bitch, I wanna fuck that, nigga
Wanna hit it from the back, hit it from the front
Hit it from the side, fuck that nigga
She gon' give me top, top til I pop
Just cause I'm Pop, Glocks gon' get popped
Sneak diss nigga, trick or treat this, tweet this nigga
Smokin' on Swisher Sweets, where ya weed at nigga?


[Verse 3: J'lynn]
Exotic like the Taj Mahal, baby girl you want it all
Baby girl you ain't rock no drawers
Baby girl now we on the floor
I came thru and I brought my dogs
Damn it was so hard to find yo crib
When the lighting flicks
You look like Ashanti and Mariah mixed
Can you ride this dick?
Lemme hit it from the back in my [?]
I mean I got a Buick and it's kinda sick
Well, on 12, got reclining seats
Find my drift, the road [?]


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