Chief Keef - Who Dat (Freestyle) [paroles]

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Chief Keef - Who Dat (Freestyle)

Paroles: Who Dat (Freestyle)

I'm more country than I come off
Toxic flow, call it industrial run off
Got your girl comin' to the crib for a one off
And if I'm gettin' put on that means you gettin' done off
Big boss nigga, black Corleone
In Beverly Hills gettin' my Ax Foley on
Money too mature, stacks fully grown
Its hash on the bowl so I'm actually stoned
But I'm back in the zone
Like I never left it
I'm better than these nigga I do it with less effort
With every new rapper, I'm feelin' less pressure
They got left over flows, these niggas is less fresher
That's why I'm in it to the finish
Relentless I diminish amateurs with every sentence
Beyond Batman the rap Terry McGuinness
I'm runnin' Hogwarts your the Sorcerer's Apprentice
So just call me yound Dumbledor
Big appetite and success is what I hunger for
I'm tryin to do better than anyone has done before
And I'm about my bottom line like an underscore
You don't want a war
This I guarantee
I even got the hardest rappers out scared of me
Trust me these niggas ain't as hard as they appear to be
And if you're a prince, then you're an heir to me
Cuz I'm the king nigga
I hold the crown nigga
I'm from the West coast, I hold it down nigga
I got your girl wet, I'm bout to drown nigga
I'm Pac to these hoes, cuz I get around nigga