Childish Gambino - Centipede [paroles]

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Childish Gambino - Centipede

Paroles: Centipede

Centipede, centipede, centipede…

[Verse 1]
‘Bino, will you be my baby daddy
I’m too fresh, man, the world ain’t never had me
I’m too fresh, man, y’all ain’t never gave me that
Stone Mountain they no doubt
And these niggas won’t hold me back
They wasn’t hating him anyway
My roommate exercise, man, he moving that heavyweight
My girl ain’t down to ride, couldn’t deal with my day to day
I’m at my Grandma’s house, man, like I don’t know what to say
Maybe “I’m sorry” but sorry don’t pay the rent
I promise to pay you back
And I don’t know where he at
But tell him he missing out
His grandson is cool as fuck
And tell me who be standing when them other ones giving up?
Let’s keep it spontaneous, I don’t need that rehearsal
More flow, man, than Progressive commercial
Get with the program, cause the plus loan that they putting ups on
I got month long before I take the bus home.


[Verse 2]
I know this music shit ain’t shit
And all these random niggas in my house make you anxious
And I ain’t never told you that our love would be painless
But I was so in love with you I thought we could make it
Damn, I wasn’t in it
Damn, we wasn’t finished
Damn, I got us tickets
Damn, we went to Venice
Prioritize on our lives and made you into a business
That’s why you wasn’t surprised when I had made my decision
Gotta make it, cause if not I’m a failure, my wallet Azalea
And my brother still moving, ain’t no shit I can tell him
Trying to keep him out of trouble, but the cops is wilding
It’s nice to have a felon when the boys get violent
The Mexicans tried to jump me at the club
Funny thing was I thought they were stepping to show me love
Grandma’s couch, my biggest fear and fantasy
When I ain’t in her arms all I’m making is enemies
Here I’m screaming obscenities at a nigga
Wanted to live bigger than me
Them… projects was eatin’ our concept
If anyone walking out, what is you talking about?
Gun Hill Road made them summers feel cold
On the same train that my parents met on
Twenty years later and my thoughts still ghetto
High off of pressure, man, that’s a stiletto
Got your own couch now but you don’t feel better