Childish Gambino - Toronto Listening Party Track [Lyrics/Paroles]

Childish Gambino - Toronto Listening Party Track

Toronto Listening Party Track Lyrics / Paroles

Where we were kinda thing
Betcha thought I’m alone
Betcha thought I’m alone
Betcha thought I’m alone

[Verse 1]
Reck lee, I ain’t paintball
Y’all be string like a broke guitar
And it’s still pretty down like the family dog
Yeah. I murder some, I murder one
Explain it all, Ferguson
We ain’t gotta sing the same old love song
Cut a white girl with the same black gloves on
Yeah what you saying to it?
Old money look no money don’t do it
Nigga coming round in they lane like a Huey
And I’m only looking back if I’m looking at her booty
(At her booty)
So ratchet now, they wanna smoke a niggas but they Black & Mild
So we opted out
Ok cool


[Verse 2]
Blue drink by the bouquet ’til I’m blue faced on a Tuesday
(Can I have some?)
Passed out, niggas be like
Put a plus eighteen on that e-vite
And I said what I felt, no re-write
Nah nah, they can’t hold me
Shrooms a lot, drop something
I double dare you, I’m Marc Summers
I scortch women, I’m turnt up
Gut niggas, so curb balling
…got a crush on him
I gotta wait in line for that
Ain’t nobody got time for that
Ain’t nobody gotta ryhme with that
Too true like 2 Chainz
Blue blood like Wolf Gang


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