Chinx - Fuck Are You Anyway (feat. French Montana) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Chinx - Fuck Are You Anyway (feat. French Montana)

Fuck Are You Anyway Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Foreign Mobb]


Fuck are you anyway

Fuck are you anyway

Who asked, who asked

Fuck are you anyway


I don’t give a fuck bout what you thinking, bitch who asked you

Care bout what you smoking or you drinking, bitch who asked you

I don’t keep no new niggas round me, new niggas round me

New niggas round me, who asked you

Fuck are you anyway, fuck are you anyway

Fuck are you anyway, who asked you

Fuck are you anyway

[Verse 1]

Bunch of niggas all up in my business, I don’t know y’all niggas

Might pull up to the venue, I’m with four, five bitches

Shipment that I’m waiting on, it got the coastguard tripping

Never traffic in a whip that got the Onstar system

Nigga stand at 5’11” but my dope 58

Skinny dipping with two bitches from the lone star state

Niggas way too familiar, new whip [?] villas

My little bitch got the drop, she gone shake a few niggas

Woke up early in the morning on my own dick

Used to play the jail phone [?] until the phone clicked

Now I blow 100 in the spot cause that’s a small thing

Could see this vision way back when I played the hallway


[Verse 2 – French Montana]

Catch me flying in [?], past you

Chase the money not a ho, bitch who asked you

I said bitch, man who asked you

Bought the whole thing then we broke it down to capsules

Chasing money, not a ho

I be riding through the city on my own shit

Bitch you talking, tell me like you know

And every time he talking to me I be gripping on my tooly

Ride up in that shit and screws be [?]

We ride up in that shit with the ceilings off

When I’m dealing with that business all my feelings off

Me, Montana made a killing dog


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