Chinx - S.A.B. (ft. Meet Sims, Too $hort & Mally Mall)

S.A.B. Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Young Stokes]


Old stupid ass bitch

You old stupid ass bitch

What you tryna curb me?

Bitch you tryna curb me?

[Verse 1]

Pull up on a bitch, better act right

Then we whipping off in the mad white

Know a nigga tryna see what that like

We already poured about a half pint

Let me hold something fore the hoes get you

The gold digging hoes ain’t funny

Like the late great Don Bishop

Bitch better have my money

Ho, no we can’t go on no dates

I’m on the road to the bank

Blowing that loud with your skank

Dunk on these hoes in the paint

Nigga already clapped on the backboard

Give it to a ho if she ask for it

Told her she could get the dick half off

Pussy been around, need a passport

Running up the mob, can’t hear

Hoes know my niggas gone share

Broke nigga never gone fear

[?] nigga, gone steer him

Young nigga made it out the trap house

Over 100 million served

Broke bitch get on a nigga’s nerves

Hit his bum bitch with the swerve


[Verse 2]

She ain’t never dropped on a sack

Always be the first one smoke

Show up with the weed and the yak

She be on the first thing smoked

Tryna hit the club, looking cold on the line

Leave a bitch hanging like clothes on the line

Nigga just did 12 shows in a line

Through the roof, back bitch dove in the ride

Get your pills and your drink in that Styrofoam cup

If you lit and she with it nigga probably gone fuck

I’m the man ho, fuck you niggas thought

She was talking only cause she got lips

If she ever try [?] on the box

Most likely she a stupid ass bitch


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