Chris Brown - Add Me In [paroles]

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Chris Brown - Add Me In

Paroles: Add Me In

[Verse 1]
Your body's an isosceles
And I'm just tryna try angles
Your love is trigonometry
Just tryna solve the whole equation

What's it about you (about you)
I wanna love you
Figure it out, figure it out
So I can touch you
Should we do that? Can I do that? (baby)
Answers are usually in the back

Substitution, add me in
Multiply my love
Is that too much?
What's the problem, girl?
Add me in

[Bridge 1]
Baby just add me, baby just add me in
Baby just add me, baby just add me in

[Verse 2]
I'll calculate her home invasion (yeah, add it up)
Divide your legs and count to 3 (3,2,1, come on)
He's just not the answer baby
And that's just my hypothesis (real talk girl)



[Bridge 2]
What if I said I loved you (love you baby), I need you
Would you care?
So many things that I could learn
And baby if we do the math, it will equal up to me instead of him

[Hook] [x2]

[Bridge 1] [x2]