Chris Webby - High By The Beach [paroles]

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Chris Webby - High By The Beach

Paroles: High By The Beach

Yeah, Webby
Chemically Imbalanced coming soon motherfuckers
Unil then, okay, okay, okay, okay

Let's take it back to that mixtape steelo
Cock it back reload
Italiano up in the game, Dan Marino
When it's time to murder a beat just let me know
See yo I'm living no regrets that's my creedo
Always got your girl on her knees like Tim Tebow
Head back to the telly[?] and crack a bottle of Vino
Better get them Ray-Bans on so you can see
Cause round me its always sunny I chill with Danny DeVito
I'm just a smart kid kill em with the cunning raps
Made a couple hundred racks all up for these fucking tracks
Dressing like a lumberjack flannel with a trucker hat
Travel around the country getting laid like I'm Tucker Max
When they hear me they be like “yo what the fuck is that?”
I'm not even sure all I know is that I can fucking rap
Louder than the thunder clap make 'em all tumble back
Roll with bad bitches, that's word to my Lola bunny tat
Cause the teachers always saw me as a bad apple
Cutting class to smoke grass and rap battle
Now when I'm on the field call me Thad Castle
Team captain and you get that ass tackled
Up at blue mountain state
Drinking liquor until I can't even count to eight
Pocket full of raw papers and an ounce of shake
I change forecasts with the smoke clouds I make
Look like Janis Joplin getting hammered often
With a chick turnt up then the panties dropping
But before this rap shit payed the bills
I was selling trees out of the burbs bitch Nancy Botwin
But now I got a flow to spit
I've dealt with the politics and I'm over it
Punchlines 'bout to leave em in a coma quick
Got them quotables you won't forget
Motherfucker you can put me on a spoon cause I'm dope as shit
My fans hitting rehab just to cope with this
It's hop-e-less game up in the cobra grip
So come and step up to the kid and it's over with
Cause when I hit these beats I could do it in my sleep
I'm a beast of the chain I don't need no leash
If I get unleashed imma throw on both sneaks
Throw a roundhouse kick to your cheek
Yeah I'm on it like the three ninjas
Roll with Colt and Rocky
And Tum Tum grilling to provoke your posse
So bring it on man not a soul could stop me
Imma eat these motherfuckers call me Kobayashi
I'm the dark horse
Got these listeners flipping like they practicing parkour
I'm the all door [?]
And every lyric I'm writing is classified as hardcore
Crank it up and roll windows on your car door
Listen bitch I'm all yours
My only stipulation is you down on all fours
Heh that's how you gotta be when fucking me
Bitch doggystyle Oliver and company
I love a chick with tits I love a chick with ass
Chick with tats on that Christy Mack
And the way I go and hit it makes her hit me back
With nudes on the snapchat baby picture that
So high that I'm traveling around mars
In my spacesuit fly laying down bars
Always was an oddball
But it's cool cause I'll never fit in
Like Yao Ming in a clown car
Spit it ruthless you don’t wanna do this
Johann Sebastian Bach of rap music
Dumb with that old shit now I’m on my new shit
You ain't heard before well welcome to the movement
Welcome to the movement
Yeah bitch
Welcome to the movement
Dumb with that old shit now I’m on my new shit
You ain’t heard before well welcome to the movement

Just let that shit ride man
The album's coming soon though like this shit's gonna be crazy
But until then you know I still got them bars on me baby