Chrisette michele - So in love (feat. rick ross) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Chrisette michele - So in love (feat. rick ross)

So in love Lyrics / Paroles

Love is a powerful word
And you've been on my mind so much, lately
How can I say this?

I'm always late to diner days
Look into her face
Marathon lovin' making like she win a race
I live a sure life
It's hard for me to feel them safe
Toni Montana money quit the guard, replicate
Quick cigars on a line no need to state
Versace couches... candles and matching plates
This picture is better than... in Denver
Kissing shorty in the rain but I'm making her warm

... each time that I see you
I'm not showing up on my phone
... every single time that you're near me
I'm not ready just leave me alone
I feel... try to say it's ok
But I'm not ready to go
Would you have my permission
My heart is on a mission
This got to... this song

I'm so in love
And my heart just goes
With no control
So I'm trying to flow
Baby I'm so...
Never should have told my
I'm so in love
Never should have told my
I'm so in love
And my heart is saying [repeats]

... everything is scare scare
Something is the matter with me
... like a radio
Loud like a stereo
This is how my heart beats
... cannot check it
Feels like my heart is on repeat
I got a confession
Love is my new obsession
My heart is talking to me
She said: boom boom boom

My heart is saying: boom boom boom

I'm chilling... six rings
You know we'll record that until we get a six rings
We're both from... it ain't a big thing
But when we come around they make it a big thing
Still on the block on that truck chicken box
They... with that ears is that a gift from Watch?
When I'm... I got to let the city watch


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