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Paroles: SELL MY GUN

[Intro] na na na na na
Zinc fence.. na na na na na na
Chronixx.. na na na na na na

Spanish town me born and grow
Whole heap a badman me know
One thing they all have in common
The whole a dem poor
Mek me tell you this


You nuh fi bad and hungry
You nuh fi bad and hungry
Anything bad dat fi dash weh
If I were you I woulda sell my gun
If I were you, I woulda sell my gun

[Verse 1]
If I were you, Me woulda sell my gun
And buy a old corolla
Taxi me run and buy me daughter strolla
Son a baller but him nuh score no goal
Caah the boots weh him have nuh have no insole
Me wah show him say daddy a di boss
Bring hime go a di shoes shop
Pick up anything you want
New shoes, new shirt, new shorts
Caah buss gun and me pickney dem a bawl.. owwiee


[Verse 2]
If I were you, I woulda sell my gun
And buy a burning machine
Bootleg every Chronixx CD
Dread and Terrible dat woulda full up the streets
And me nah watch no face caah food haffi eat
Granny wah bed and she waah new teeth
But the teeth haffi wait she waah somewhere fi sleep
Say she see a sealey on TV
Dah mattress deh she need wid some brand new sheets


[Verse 3]
Come on, If I were you
Tell the rich man a foriegn and the politician
Ghetto yutes don't need no more gunz
And no more ammunition
We need a change in we tradition
We need some other things like computer
And homework center
Mac Book hard drive and projector
Dumper truck, lawn mower and tractor
Cement white marl and lumber
Barrell a Clarks, school babs and ruler
Hardcover book fi carry go a school
Buy guitar, keyboard and flute
Build up a studio with protool

Dah one yah a fi all a di taxi driver dem enuh
Real hardworking people weh a do the work
Caah some man say dem have gun and bad
Me nuh rate dem none at all
Me tell you the truth
Me nuh like tief, me nuh like rapist
Move, ease out