Chuuwee - Cool Groove [paroles]

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Chuuwee - Cool Groove

Paroles: Cool Groove

Intro: "This world isnt what your acustomed to
No no in this Cool have to be willing to make sacrifice...sudden change...spontaneous imrpovisation...
You gotta be down to lie...pretend...steal even. Its a Cool live are you buddy? Huh? Answer me that how live are you?"


San Fransisco me and my other half
Bitch bad at the bistro the count of Monte Cristo

Bitch what's rockin' I got it poppin like Crisco
Ain't no other reason for you to be in Sacramento

.... smoke a blunt rap for my Kinfolk
I'm about to play for all the work that I put in ..oh

Selling everything but the pots pans and windows
8 tablet I'm think I can trade it for some endo

Mendo county I made the trip home safely
And put some shit in the safe oh and they're already sent off that text he said he made it ..
Then we did a show in Bradford and got faded

Everything I rap is real I'm not playin
I was always into frieza and cell I'm not sayin..

Yea they wanna call you all masons
How funny how people throws stones at secret

Hook: byooowwwww how you like me now
Pull up pushin zones...bitch I'm smoking out

Ho I'm in the zone...who gone take me out?
Who gone take me off. Who gone sit me down ?

Colder than a flurry in Alaska it's a drought
I'm the only nigga tippin sippin from the spout

It's almost prohibition I get it from down south
Who gone take me off? Who gone sit me down? Who?

1.Hai times nigro..pull up in that all red Nissan
2.peace sign nigga we out the mento

3.on our way to Diego...she do what I say so
4.closer to te border currency exchanging pesos

5.i lay low...stack my Pringles eat my potatoes
6.and skateboard so pd's don't get me for my jayo

7.hardflip pressure flip I know how to skate ho
8.And if they pull up blurpin I look like the perfect scapegoat

9.escape I'm in that grey coupe grey poupon
10.You shop on groupon I poop on you gay ass broads a world of cartoons fulla fake ass frauds
12.where they all wanna be something that they fake ass not

13.i be higher than an astronaut apartment is like a castle call it Camelot

15. Like I'm King Arthur and my queen gone gov me head a lot...
16.pussy weed and money all I care about dont ask about my where abouts