Clyde Carson - Bring Em Out [paroles]

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Clyde Carson - Bring Em Out

Paroles: Bring Em Out

I won't deny it
I'm a straight rider
Baby, wanna fuck with me?
On a late night, she just wanna creep
With her boyfriend, she just wanna cheat
Top down bluntly, come forward
Fast lane turn, got us and off the half
Lane work.
Doing money while she on stacks
They only know about cold lame champagne
But we at the club. Don't act right?
Have an acting club. I'm in a muscle car
Seven deuce cup, keep the trap tight
Never loose enough, get shit done
Call shots, something new about the car lot
I type off, I get a hard time
Pull up, the car stall
How you see us, niggas, having Uncle Whip shine
Stomping on these niggas
What up, (???)
My friends
They know I'm buying
It's on me
We ain't high


We bring 'em out
High cause
Champagne and hot broads
On call
Ready to go,
I won't stall

Forget your heels
And lean back
Look, Liffie hot like a cage man
She want the real, I want the cash
She know the deal, don't see the past
I smell like O.G.
Sipping codein
But I never slow it
I'm still slipping o.d.
Doing hard in the game like it's post-season
Ten chains on, no reason
Broad life, broad life
We brought the hoes out
So get right
Money fall a lot
The car swipe
Before this party
Bitch, real life
Club life