Common - 7 Deadly Sings

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Common - 7 Deadly Sings


7 Deadly Sings

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Paroles - lyrics: 7 Deadly Sings

[Produced by No I.D.]

[Intro: Adrian Younge + Common]
Gluttony, baby
To me, it's what I see
Gluttony, baby
Is us, it's hard to see
It's knocking
Gluttony, baby
To me, it's what I see
Man, they gon', they gon'
Man they gon' knock this
And ride out to this

It sit deep in my chest, so let me express
Grew up on 868, oh, y’all don’t need the address
It was ‘round CVS, we were so devious
The city never sleeps, it be needing some rest
The streets was a mess, and they still are
Feel our pain, the bigger picture, we was all framed
But the game is the game, so let it begin
In these streets, these are the seven deadly sins
Now, the first is pride, though some call it vanity
A hustler's insanity can break up the family
Pride can have a man stuck in his ways, not subject to change
Knowing that he'll end up in a grave
It's the arrogance, they say, in us Americans
Messes up marriages, many sins, pride is parenting
Like the second is something we all have
Or felt, than Cain or Khan, it's called wrath
I seen a boss take it out on his staff
Seen a crip take it out on a blood, causing a bath
Never seen a man making money while he mad
So hustle plus wrath? Y'all do the math
Now the third, you probably heard from MOP
They say use them rocks to make 'em envy
Envy, the cousin of jealousy, on the streets it's a felony
When niggas fucking with you [?] commit infidelity
They hate it, to see you celebrated
Counting my paper, nigga, you could have made it
Let me stay with that thought, takes us to the fourth
Where niggas is lazy, that's what we call sloth
Want you to break em off, getting money it costs
For you to be a boss, ain't no taking off
Now the myth about the fifth: it only happens when we eat
It’s gluttony, this is how it happens on the street
It’s a dude that’s getting paid in full, cars and jewels
So his plate is full, but the way this nigga move
He is never full and he gon' want your food
Don't overdo it, that's an underrated rule
The sixth is a fix that's in all of us
When I get drunk and want to bust, this is what we call lust
When the drawers go down, the guards go down
Cause a pussy is somebody getting robbed right now
Okay, the seventh is a seed that many believe
Is the cause of 'em all, this is what we call greed
Knew some cousins that was hustlin', one of em ended up bustin' the other
Greed is a mother, it’s greedy motherfuckers like Madoff
Cops getting paid off, greedy companies got my people getting laid off
Before I sign off, in the sins we livin'
The good thing is we can be forgiven

Seven deadly sins



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