Common - Speak My Piece

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Common - Speak My Piece


Speak My Piece

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Paroles - lyrics: Speak My Piece

[Hook x3: The Notorious B.I.G.]
I just, speak my piece, keep my peace
Cubans with the Jesus piece, with my peeps
Packing, my piece, Jesus
Packing, my piece, Jesus

[Verse 1: Common]
I'm iller than most, sick with it, feeling the dose
In a butter soft leather but I'm still with the toast
Toast to [?], you know the millions is close
Feel the ghost of Notorious, tell me who the naughtiest
She get live like an audience
I do what I do, no need to state the obvious
Poli' with girls with bodies, uh
Poli' in hotel lobbies
Light a J, it's just me and Marley, look at the poster
Do what I supposed to for the culture
Early b-boy, down with d-boys, building to destroy
My pride and joy is my daughter named Omoye
'Ye, that's my nigga from back in the day
All that whoop-de-wah-whoop, man fuck what they say
Played the lotto for my gram with a bottle in hand
Lay it down for the world, for Chicago I stand, and

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Common]
Yeah, yeah, they like that, I write raps from on top of the world
Popular girls always wanna pop in my world
I pop out in the boroughs
And go to L.A. to get [?]
In the middle of the [?] with a princess I laid
Yo, this time of shit happens every um, once in a while
You know I won't front with the style
Bring life to the party like a woman and child
From the land of the humble and proud, summers is wild
Ah! Made the unmade-able
Ah! Go to parties I'm paid to go
Me and cuzzo talked the hustle
About doing good business like Rick and Russell
You I know I guzzle red wine till it's bed time
On my paper like headlines, she want the head shine
Every time, my time, the streets is watching like a Rollie
Do it for the hometown and the homeys, uh

[Hook x10]



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