Consequence - Killer Instinct [paroles]

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Consequence - Killer Instinct

Paroles: Killer Instinct

I been styled by June, had styles on my tunes
So my sense of style’ll prove I’m that dude
And if you choose, you can install a webcam
And she’ll be saying “Tonight’s the night” like Redman
So you a dead man thinking you as fresh as me

If left up to me, y’all gonna have to learn to shoot
Or get a degree that you could only earn at Duke
Cause, duke, you be wilding; duke, you be tripping
Tried to lick up a duke shoot — homeboy, you slipping
I seen how you kick it; that’s the reason we ain’t boys for
Cause my women be in boy shorts and your women be Boy George
Well, by George, I think he’s got it
The Georgia Dome will fill on my latest project
Cause the Georges on my bills prove we the hottest
So there’s no sense in being modest
We here to feast off the lion’s share
But it’s the dirty game, ain’t fighting fair
And that’s why I use foreign objects
Benzes, Beamers when I roll through the projects
On St. Nicholas and Convent
Looking for a girl who belongs in a beauty contest
Torn between going to the convent

Man, these hoes out here
It ain’t a wonder how they chose out of fear
But be clear, that choice is on a cute date
You gotta live with em like a roommate
Before it’s too late, go through a screening process
If you flipping the script without a huge deposit
Then that movie that you making is truly nonsense
It’s something made for television
I’ve done it real live — what the hell I’m missing?
But with the pieces in position and the team is synced
I think I possess what they call
The killer instinct
The killer instinct
Kill a bitch nigga on sight
That got the nerve to even pick up that mic
Yeah, that’s the killer instinct
Not killer Queens but we end things
That’s the killer instinct
It’s the Cons, fool, word