Consequence - Tell ya boss 2 holla at me [Lyrics/Paroles]

Consequence - Tell ya boss 2 holla at me

Tell ya boss 2 holla at me Lyrics / Paroles

Boss Boss Boss Boss
Prison Break flow
I'm a free ma
So, I'm a get myself out any team
I'm taking over the first quarter
The same way they told me to
They're on the sidelight
Saying what we're supposed to do
We thanks to most of you
I would add the sized...
Til I spread the wing
They ought be be other size
So, when I walk into a room
There's a...
And they whisper and that all they got
... bullets become blesses
So, for the shoots fire they're will be consequences
'Cause I'm dressed like a certified male
And start to terf tryna hurt myself
Hell, I took the hard roadTo get to the...
So, I'm at the club wearing a jacket of cowboy
Who graduated Howard

But today whisper just a half an hour
It could be mad lower but it ain't as
Black and white as Roman's Revenge
It's more like Conner's revenge
You get a new check in... song your friends
Is that the best way to get some who's in your pants
Why you're mastrubating in her bathroom
We masterd mind in backroom sticks
With everybody on the floor
... so fuck you for all the time the ce-loo can

So, tell ya boss to Holla at me Boss [x4]

One time we'll become the... and you'll be unemployed
And this is somethin that you might wanna avoid
So, tell ya boss to Holla at me Boss [x2]

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