Cormega - Rap Basquiat [paroles]

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Cormega - Rap Basquiat

Paroles: Rap Basquiat

[Verse 1: Cormega]

Niggas frontin' so I’m coming back
Spittin’ that shit that had Pookie doing jumping jacks
Getting money when you was watching Thundercats
We not the same; my lifestyle ain’t come from rap
Until recently, instinctively I must adapt
The bars are hard but I’m easily crushing tracks
Even elite rappers fall back when Cory rap
Truth is spoken; you can’t ignore the fact
I’m vocally gifted; the confidence is obvious
I’m showing you glimpses
Growth of potential require total commitment
Those that say I don’t come around, I’m home with my children
On some real shit I’m no longer dealing
And I don’t fuck with anyone showing resentment
Can talk that shit walkin’
I’m focused and driven
In life nothing is given so I’m going to get it

[Verse 2: Cormega]

I’m a different pedigree poetically
Those who momentarily slept
You just encouraged me to take it to a level rarely seen
Apparently rappers lack the intensity that you presently hear from me
It’s a unique ability to speak with sincerity
I’m deep with lyrics giving the streets clarity
Lack of patience will have you catching cases
And when you free, resiliency converts negative energy to inner peace
Enables me to realize I’m blessed to be able to live successfully
On something that was just a dream yesterday
Tomorrow wasn’t promised but I’m here today
Which illustrates how far skill will take you
If you got the will to make it to the realm of greatness
Can be reached through dedication
And desire inspired by deep determination
Keeps me motivated like faithless motherfuckers
Praying I don’t make it cuz they ain’t eatin’ and tasteless

[Verse 3: Cormega]

Rappers be hatin’; I’m creating like Anthony Mason
And if you waiting for me to fail
You have to be patient; I lack limitation
I can turn a bad situation to rap innovation
My pen advances the paper; enhancing my way up
Life I’m actually grateful I made it
'Cuz scheming away a situation aiming for greatness is a journey not a destination
Preparation is what separates me from those with self-doubt and reservation
Should know hesitation delays elevation
And shows why they never made it
Let me explain it
Dedication is a measure of strength and character
Like a diamond pressure can’t break me