Cormega - Reflection [paroles]

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Cormega - Reflection

Paroles: Reflection


Fuck the crown, truthfully all it did was ruin unity in the rap community, no rapper ruling me
It's like birds amongst lions as soon as my cub starts crying you're food to me
Love thy enemy some were once cool with me, I read niggas well some wrote their own eulogy
Maybe I'm stubborn, I refuse to be a grown man rapping about money, clothes and jewelry
Ain't new to me not to be confused with these rappers fascinated with moving keys
Game seem vague when you lose your freedom, while life in the pursuit of the root of evil
Rudely greeted when seeds of resentment , bloom into weeds of deception
Your name and reputation are equally tested people who desperate scheme on their best friend
When allegiance is questioned you will see who's defective