Corner Boy P - Eastside Savage [Lyrics/Paroles]

Corner Boy P - Eastside Savage

Eastside Savage Lyrics / Paroles

I just got out of an Uber Pool
Had hella hoes
And I had the aux cord

I bust a brick open, she put her nose in
Just got out an Uber Pool, had hella hoes in
Same trap house, new stove in it
I made the money pile, and then I dove in it
I don't give a fuck about her, after I fuck a bitch
All types of designer shit, you know I'm nigga rich
Went and bought another chopper
You know, I'm with the shit
New paint job and new set of rims
Now I'm flexing hella hard, on my old bitch
She left me for a swiper, he still locked up and shit
I just fucked her home girl, and her other friend
Her sister wanna fuck too, that's been what's happenin'
I just got 50 P's, I wouldn't sell you one
Wet that nigga up, but ain't no water gun
Let that lil nigga live, just let a nigga ball
She ride it like a bike, without a handle bar
Money on adderall, it got me focused dog
I'm playing racket ball, with them packs boy
Dirty cream soda, it be dark brown
Rest in peace Whitney, but I got Bobby Brown
I could make it swang on ya, I don't need a reason
That nigga cracking hoes down, like a dark ceaser
Diamonds dance like Chris Breezey
Oh bitch I'm off the heazzy
Oh please believe fo' shezzy
Shot out to my plug, my nina

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