Cory Mo - Hold Up (ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Talib Kweli) [paroles]

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Cory Mo - Hold Up (ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Talib Kweli)

Paroles: Hold Up

Pay attention potna, Bout to do the damn thang, HOLD UP!
If you gettin money gone do the damn thang, HOLD UP!
What you need to do is fire up the damn thang, HOLD UP!
Fuck a bottle im bout to buy the whole damn thang, HOLD UP!

[Hook] x2
I done did dat befo, HOLD UP!
I can get it for the low, HOLD UP!
Get money at the doe, HOLD UP!
But never trust no ho, HOLD UP!
Jus keep it on da low, HOLD UP!
Let cha bank roll grow, HOLD UP!
You Awready no, HOLD UP!
Im a Hustler fa sho, HOLD UP!

[Verse 1: Cory Mo]
I done been there done that bought the t-shirt
Just sayin', do some research
Take notes watch dem hoes twerk
Keep pippin make dem hoes work
Bitch you looking at a certified P.I
CountryRapTune Alumni for Lee.I.,
Move the fuck around ho mind yo Bee.I
Piss me off i might fuk yo beee'ach!
Yup, sure will, for the simple fact that I am so trill
Kush in the air, vodka on chill
Already known what the business is
Can I get a witness here
Trying to run a legitimate business here
Ya boy C`Mo finna win this year
Fuck the dumb shit, I'm goin in this year
Took long enough, still got a fan base strong enough
& a bag of Kush just a strong
Don't need no mo I've blown enough
Gotta luv the game tho
Play safe, stay in ya lane doe
No reason to explain fo, Fa'really doe!


[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
Bitch I'm bout paper
Never could never pay for pussy
Never will I ever trust a hater
Have to back stab me in mine
Cuz my shine is just so much greater
Than the average muthafucka wit a cape thats always down to save a
Betta call you Captain Kirk or Spock to beam you up
Krizzle why you so cold, the way I spit flows
You think I came from the north pole
The way I bring hoes, I could have done it with my mouth shut
Or hands tied with my eyes closed
I been this way since I was snot nose
Forever deep in the street like a pothole
I'm on the creep for a freak with a hot throat
Could break a chick for a check & a high note
Cuz I done did dat before

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Talib Kweli]
Suicide it's a suicide, trying to test me that's your foolish pride
Niggas get killed by the truest lie
Like a teardrop fallin from the bluest eye
Til the whites is the color of ruby skies
I take it in stride man, the dude abides
Give you the truth let you decide
That's how Jesus got crucified
Let it off cuz the pen is the gun
I choose take aim with one eye closed
One blow let you know it's mightier than the sword
Cuz the wound from the plume don't never close
Plus even if it close up still gonna scar a nigga so what
I slice niggas like cold cuts, cuz these rap niggas so butt
So I tell em geek down like J Dilla Donuts
So the fake don't like me, I make mufuckas get feisty
Is you rollin mufucka yea I might be
Cuz you knowing I'm the sugar honey iced tea
Speed it up til we going at light speed
Beat it up so bad that it might bleed
Yeah you nuthin but a tourist go site see
Before they buss yo head open to the white meat, uh!