Cory Mo - Sometimes (ft. Scotty & Starlito) [paroles]

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Cory Mo - Sometimes (ft. Scotty & Starlito)

Paroles: Sometimes

Time keeps passing by
Ain't getting no younger, ain't asking why
Wise man once told me to stay on your grind
Or fuck around and get left behind

[Verse 1: Starlito]
Solo on every set, bet I don't ever fret
Of Whom shall I fear, guess ain't met them yet
Still on the same shit, success, nothing less
Sipping purp, blowing orange, and the horn on my SS
Same hood, same homies, just more bills
And threw 96 inches on my four wheels
When I was younger I always wanted a gold grill
Them old heads, they kept it so real
Early 90's going hard on that block like O'Neal
The Hardaway before it dry
But the soft will make your nose peel
That was the era when snitching would get your ho killed
Laws get broken, hearts broke cause we broke still
Went to sleep to the sound of strays as my serenade
My nerves fucked up to this day, but that was where I played
Same spot niggas post up all day, every day
Selling everything just trying to get a pair of J's

And that's why niggas have a chip on their shoulders sometimes
That's why I be short sometimes
That's why I don't wanna talk sometimes
That's why I play it super cool sometimes
And that's why


[Verse 2: Cory Mo]
It was all good about a month ago
Everything was on the up and up, but now it's slow
Niggas frown when you up and smile when you down
If I ain't feeling your vibe I'mma just move around
Wise man once told me stay on your grind
Or fuck around and get left behind, he wasn't lying
Cause half of my partners is dead or even locked up
Even the ones that blew up is even washed up
Life sucks, but the world keeps spinning, don't it?
If you ain't putting in the work then you don't really want it
So you can keep your fake handshakes, I don't condone it
But if you talking about some money, call me in the morning
For real, just business, never personal, homie
All I got in this world is my word and my cojones
Ride with me or watch me do it by my lonely
Gotta learn to separate the fake from the phony
The fake from the phony

[Pre-Hook + Hook]

[Verse 3: Scotty ATL]
Nigga could have had a breakdown 2 weeks ago
Was on that Drizzy "Trust Issues" with my own dudes
I'm in some situations, I don't always feel cool
My nigga telling me "go get it", it be hard though
Trying to rap, go hard, still got a job though
Although it close, shit feel like it far though
Every rapper wanna slam a new car door
Or pay the bills at least
You Hollywood, you can't do it free
And I ain't asking a motherfucker for shit
I saw what time it was
You get respect when you grinding, cuz
Cool club where you find me, cuz, I spazzed out
I be doing shit for niggas, niggas don't be looking out
Same dogs rolling with me, been with me
My nigga G say I'm jaded, I ain't jaded I'm just fed up
Staying focused always trying to keep my bread up
Took some hard blows they like Scotty keep your head up

[Pre-Hook + Hook]