Craig David - Cold [paroles]

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Craig David - Cold

Paroles: Cold

Cold (x7)

[Verse 1 x2]
Cold hearted and deranged
Like a killer chick from a movie
I ain't saying no names
But hold up let me explain
This girl's an instant lover
Like a hit of MDMA
The type that makes you feel dizzy
Then tells your man that you've changed

She's cold (cold, cold, cold) (x3)
So cold (cold, cold, cold)
Yeah this girl, yeah this girl's so cold

[Verse 2]
It started with a name and a kiss
And I still got the taste on my lips
I remember how I couldn't resist
She was a stand out cut above all the rest
Man I'd do anything for her
Even if I said I would never
She had me in a hazy blur
I always knew she was a connoisseur

She was like a broken record
Let's just say that man she don't play
When it comes to being in control
Man she's used to getting her way
She ain't afraid to crush you
Even if you get in her way
This girl's so determined
Only one thing left to say


[Verse 3]
I was sitting on top of the world
Standing man you know how it is
I trusted her love was real
I was high like I swallowed a pill
She gave me the spotlight
My mistakes on high vis
She preceded to call my name
Southampton's finest

[Bridge & Hook]

[Verse 4]
Cold hearted and deranged
Told you mama don't play
You got something she wants ya
Give you brain while switchin' up lanes
Before you know it your naked
Or standing out in the rain
With hopes that you were gon' hit that
But she sold you a dream